1,000+ Pips a Month for a few Minutes a Day! Can still be used by US traders.


Check the charts at the end of day and or every 4 hours.  Green you buy, red you sell. Simple & powerful.

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Gold +270 pips, Oil +270 pips, Dow +270 pips, Platinum +200 pips

Stop messing around day trading or scalping and trade for a serious +200 pips or more each trade. 2013 Total Trading 1 Contract = $219,600!

Oct +2,680 pips. Nov +970 pips. Dec +1,360 pips. Jan +3,120 pips!! February +2,220 pips. March 700 pips so far...

   My name's John Campbell, I've been trading for 20 years and for the last six years I've sold some of the most successful trading systems on the market with over 2,000 clients in more than 60 countries. It's well known that over 90% of traders fail. There are many reasons for this but the main one (apart from ineptitude) is the common practice of trading from 30 minute, 15 minute and 5 minute charts. Some even think scalping from the 1 minute chart is sensible! The shorter the time frame the more meaningless chart movement becomes and the more you are simply trading noise.  There is no better way to become an elite successful trader than New Rich Lazy Trader. Updated in March 2014

    I developed Rich Lazy Trader for the daily charts but when market turmoil kept the markets swinging from day to day according to the news, we were forced to drop to the 4 hour charts with surprising success. Here is a system evolved from my SaneFX, The Oil Business, Platinum Trader and Four Hour Trader systems over a period of several years specifically for these difficult market conditions.  Simple - an arrow indicator tells you when to buy or sell.

    Can be used on any time frame from 5 minutes upwards but only recommended for daily and 4 hour charts.


  The truth is that the most successful professional trading is not day trading or, much less, scalping - it is longer term trading. This type of trading has two important advantages. Firstly, we only have to spend a few minutes a day chart watching (no stress, no burn-out). Secondly, the fluctuations (and news releases) that knock day traders out of the market usually have less effect. With my New Rich Lazy Trader you can profitably trade Oil, the Dow, Gold and platinum just by spending a few minutes a day and placing the occasional, longer term trade. That means if you start with just the daily trading, you can keep your day job until you become profitable. For recommended brokers, see bottom of page.


    Below you can see how the indicators work on this sample 4 hr platinum chart. The TCCI (Trade Confirmation and Close Indicator) is the red and green line that tracks the trend. The rule is that it must be the same colour as the trade arrow or else it is a no trade. We use stops and take profits but the trade is always closed early if the TCCI changes colour - protecting us from losses. Here you can see 550 pips being made over a 10 day period. The principle is the same on the daily charts.

New Rich Lazy Trader. Totally revised and the most complete system available.

  New Rich Lazy Trader is not suitable for daydreamers on a tight budget who give up and ask for a refund after a few days! It's a serious, long-term trading opportunity that can most certainly provide a good living and provide financial freedom. For this reason, the minimum capital required is $1,000 and preferably $5,000 to trade both daily and 4hr charts. However, it can be started with just $200 if you trade the micro contracts using the AvaFX platform. Mac users can run the MetaTrader 4 platform via the Parallels or Winebottler software.

    It comes with a full, 25 page illustrated guide that includes everything for the beginner as well as the experienced trader. You get the custom indicators, one-click template files to set up the charts and the pdf e-Book guide for $99.00 (no further payments). It comes with e-mail support from me and a 7 day refund guarantee - email me, not PayPal for refunds.

See below for the perfect brokers for Rich Lazy Trader.

Instant Download Rich Lazy Trader Reduced to $99.00

PayPal gives the download link ON SCREEN after payment  "Return to TheOnline.co uk"

Updated January 2015

Suitable for Spread betting.

Default Brokers - Make sure you Choose a MetaTrader Account.

    Although you can place the actual trades with any broker, it is necessary to use a MetaTrader running on GMT time to produce the signals. Normally, the server time does not matter but when using 4hr candles, the start time makes a huge difference. For this reason, our default brokers are AvaTrade.com and FX Choice. Click the image to the right to sign up and qualify for one of the free products. They have a UK office, EU regulation and registration with the UK's Financial Services Authority and is now known as AvaTrade. Better established than FX Choice but bigger spreads!

Get a copy of my 147 page Trading's Easy free when a live funded $500+traded account with AvaTrade.

US Clients - now includes Platinum (XPTUSD).

Best broker for all trading (accepts US clients) - FX Choice, no restrictions - choose MT4 Classic Commodity account and highest leverage. Fully regulated and excellent customer service. Commodity option in Back Office. ECN option for tight spreads. High margin requirements.

Get a copy of my 147 page Trading's Easy free when a live funded $500+ traded account with FX Choice.

Forex Broker Inc. is the best for US clients and smaller depaoits as they have a much higher leverage than FX Choice.

Master the psychological and emotional aspects of trading.

Now includes hourly options and backtesting software.

5 Minutes Trades Just $20!